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Practice, Time & Results

I make lessons and learning easy, but not effortless

Of course, there are no shortcuts for learning the piano. It would be ideal if every student practiced several times a week – or better yet, every day. The more time you invest, the faster you learn.

Ah, but it's rare to have a student who can play every day. And between school, homework, swim meets, soccer practices, and all the other activities available to young people these days, not many of my youth students can even practice every week. I am realistic, after all.

In general, I advise each student as to how much time for weekly practice would be good to progress at their level. But I do not make time requirements. One helpful method: some students chart their practice times. this adds an extra discipline that I see pay off in dividends.

Monthly commitments

I ask that each student commit to lessons for one month at a time. Of course, a student may take a leave of absence; keep in mind, however, that I cannot guarantee that he or she will be able to resume lessons later on the same time and day.

Throughout the year, each student is allowed four absences per half-hour lesson with no advance notice. Otherwise, the lesson must be either made up or paid for.

A little reality...and encouragement

It's very difficult to predict how rapid a student will progress. Some students advance faster because they practice, while others require more time.

Regardless, I have some students, both children and adults who started taking with me seven years ago. Some are now good performers!

I encourage all my students to play in an annual recital, usually held in the winter. Almost all young students participate in the recitals, a fact of great pleasure to me. The adults are a little more bashful and tend not to participate as much. One difference between youth and adult students is that young students tend to be braver. They're often not afraid to play for other people!

I enjoy teaching piano to all students, especially the highly motivated ones. I welcome your questions. Please use the contact form on this Web site.

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