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A Life Dedicated to Music

My life calling

I began playing piano at age 8 and fell deeply in love with music. By the time I went to college, I had no clue what career I wanted. My advisor at the university suggested arts and science. I took his advice and enrolled in basic classes and later declared a major in piano.

Several years after graduating from college, I returned to school to earn a graduate degree in counseling and subsequently became a high school counselor. Later I taught adult education and my most popular course was my career search course, which I began in 1988 and am still teaching, in addition to giving piano lessons.

Flexible for my students

Today in addition to teaching the piano, I also play the French horn, an instrument I took up about four years ago for a church orchestra. I enjoy sharing my passion for music with all students, particularly with motivated pupils. It's fulfilling to see many become proficient performers.

My husband and I live in southeast Denver, and I teach in two nearby locations: at the Colorado Free University, in the Lowry community, and at Kolacny Music, at 1900 South Broadway. I am open to both daytime and evening lessons.

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